Margaret's Hairless Guinea Pigs!

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Rates & Shipping

Available Cavies!!

0 Skinny Pig sows

2 Skinny Pig boars

2 Skinny carrier sows

2 Skinny carrier boars

2 Baldwin sows

3 Baldwin boars

4 Baldwin carrier sows

2 Baldwin carrier boars

Pictures of them are listed on my "Available Cavies" page

Expecting Cavies!!

We are expecting some litters of Skinny pigs and Baldwins as well as carriers of both breeds in January and February 2016!! Pictures of them will be up on my website when they are available.   

MHPC's News

November 2, 2014

We are making deliveries on November 29th from Los Angeles to Sacramento for a delivery fee of $60 which is less than half the cost to ship live animals via airplane. Dropoff locations can be arranged to Sacramento or anywhere on the way. Please contact asap if you are interested in my hairless guinea pigs.

August 24, 2011

Visit ZOOMARS petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano, CA and checkout their newest addition of Hairless Guinea Pigs provided by Margaret's Hairless Pigs Caviary. For more information visit their website at

March 23, 2011

My Hairless Skinny Pig MHPC’s Lavender was featured on an episode of CBS’s TV show “The Doctors". It was aired on April 20, 2011 titled "Your Health in the Headlines". See the video in our "Featured Cavies" page.


Due to Covid-19: 

There are only a few airlines that I can use to ship guinea pigs and they must go on a direct flight. The airline that we prefer to use for our shipping services is Alaska Airlines. We are no longer able to ship with United Airlines as of 2017 until further notice. 

Alaska Airlines:

Shipping cost: $215(for a small crate size)

Crate & Supplies: $25.00-$35.00

Gas & Handling: $30.00

Contact Alaska Airlines Cargo at 1800-225-2752.

We can also ship with any other airlines such as American, or Delta.  We will ship them in an small airline approved transport crate, which can fit up to 4 or 5 small/young baby cavies or use a Taconic Transit crate(TTC) that has dividers to separate them and can fit up to 8 small cavies safely. We can also use 2 Taconic crates and tie them securely together if we need to ship more than 8 cavies in the same shipment. 

We will only ship up to 4 or 5 small/young baby cavies together if it is safe to do so and we know for sure that they will not fight.  Otherwise, we will use the Taconic Transit crate as we can separate them with the dividers so that they will not fight and we know they will arrive safely. This is important especially if we ship any older dominate males or females as they need to be separated from the rest of the cavies in their own compartment of the crate.  We will ship them with plenty of veggies, pellets and hay. We will also provide a bag of the cavies current pellets attached to the crate. These pellets can be used to help the cavies adjust to its new pellets by doing so gradually.  When the flight is booked we will provide you with all of their flight information.  

Health Certificate if required is an additional $60.00 for each cavy that are shipped together and must be dated within 10 days of the shipping date. The health certificate is required if you would like to have them insured for their flight.

 International shipping is more expensive, which can range anywhere from $300.00-$500.00 or more depending on the airline. We prefer to use Lufthansa airlines.  We have shipped our cavies all over Europe, Canada and Hawaii. Contact us with more information.

Delivery may be available in CA, NV, OR and AZ at the cost of gas upon your request. 

There is a website that offers delivery ground transportation shipping services.  The website is You can put an ad on this website to see if anyone can ship them at a good price to your location.

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