Margaret's Hairless Guinea Pigs!

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MHGPC'S Policies

Available Cavies!!

0 Skinny Pig sows

2 Skinny Pig boars

2 Skinny carrier sows

2 Skinny carrier boars

2 Baldwin sows

3 Baldwin boars

4 Baldwin carrier sows

2 Baldwin carrier boars

Pictures of them are listed on my "Available Cavies" page

Expecting Cavies!!

We are expecting some litters of Skinny pigs and Baldwins as well as carriers of both breeds in January and February 2016!! Pictures of them will be up on my website when they are available.   

MHPC's News

November 2, 2014

We are making deliveries on November 29th from Los Angeles to Sacramento for a delivery fee of $60 which is less than half the cost to ship live animals via airplane. Dropoff locations can be arranged to Sacramento or anywhere on the way. Please contact asap if you are interested in my hairless guinea pigs.

August 24, 2011

Visit ZOOMARS petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano, CA and checkout their newest addition of Hairless Guinea Pigs provided by Margaret's Hairless Pigs Caviary. For more information visit their website at

March 23, 2011

My Hairless Skinny Pig MHPC’s Lavender was featured on an episode of CBS’s TV show “The Doctors". It was aired on April 20, 2011 titled "Your Health in the Headlines". See the video in our "Featured Cavies" page.

MHGPC’s Policy

MHGPC is a closed caviary for the health and safety of our animals. We do not accept appointments in our home but will meet you in a public place. 

Health Guarantee

Health is guaranteed prior to shipping, delivery or pickup at my home.  MHGPC's(Seller) guarantees each guinea pig to be healthy prior to shipping, delivery or purchase. Guinea pigs sold by Margaret Majchrowicz are free from any known defects, ailments or injuries. At buyers expense, MHGPC can obtain a health certificate issued by a licensed exotic veterinarian before purchase, pick-up, or transport.

The buyer is required to take the guinea pig to their vet within 48 hours(excluding weekends and holidays), after receiving guinea pig, no exceptions. I have no idea what environment the guinea pig goes to once leaving me. All vet costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If buyer fails to see their vet within 48 hours this contract is null and void and buyer accepts guinea pig As is. MHGPC(Seller) is not responsible for any charges for the cost of vet exams, diagnoses or treatment Buyer incurs. 

Guinea Pigs will be guaranteed for 1 year against death from genetic defect.  If within 48 hours the guinea pig is found to have a life threatening genetic defect or contagious disease the guinea pig is to be returned to seller. You must have a vet exam to prove such problems. Buyer assumes his own vet costs for any and all vet exams or diagnoses he incurs.

If the guinea pig dies because of contagious disease within 48 hours, or guinea pig dies within 1 year from a genetic defect a replacement guinea pig will be made available to buyer as soon as one is available. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs for the replacement guinea pig. Of course your vet must discuss with my vet about any genetic defects if guinea pig should die from such.

Any injuries or death that occur after guinea pig leaves seller are sole responsibility of the buyer these include: accidents, mauled by another animal, falls, shipping accidents, etc.

Guinea pig is not guaranteed for color, size, and personality. Guinea pig must be properly cared for according to my care instructions on my website and recommendation.  Guinea pig must not be allowed to be housed with rabbits.  

You must notify me of any claims under the warranty immediately.  Please do keep in mind that most veterinarians have never even seen a hairless guinea pig, much less treated one. Most veterinarians are uneducated about this breed. If the veterinarian finds the guinea pig to have a life-threatening illness, he / she should write and sign a short note with a clear diagnosis on his / her letterhead stationary explaining his / her findings. The guinea pig may be returned to us within three days for an exchange of a new guinea pig of comparable quality upon availability. If there is no replacement available at the time of return, we will have up to one year to provide a guinea pig of comparable quality. The guinea pig cannot be returned for compensation after the guaranteed period has expired and or if the guinea pig has been exposed to other guinea pigs and or another animal. We will not honor any health guarantee if the guinea pigs dies of a virus from contact with another animal not bred/owned by us. It is highly recommended that the guinea pigs be quarantined during that 48-hour limited warranty period. Under NO circumstances are the guinea pigs allowed to be destroyed without prior notification of our caviary.

We will not ship or sell a if guinea pig known to be sick.  If we find that the guinea pig becomes sick while in our care we will take proper care of it and bring the guinea pig to the Vet at our cost. If the guinea pig has died while in our care you will receive an exchange at which you will be able to select a new guinea pig of comparable quality upon availability.   We will provide a limited warranty guarantee for the guinea pigs health for the first 48 hours(2 days) excluding weekends and holidays, at the purchasers expense after the date of Shipping/Delivery/Pickup.  The guinea pigs are ready for their new homes at around 4-6 weeks old.  By that time they have developed a competent immune system, are eating on their own and have developed social skills.  


We will provide a limited warranty guarantee for guinea pigs health for the first 48 hours(2 days) of the date of shipping/Delivery/Pickup, excluding weekends and holidays, at the purchasers expense.   In this time you should get a health check to confirm health at your veterinarian. All shipping and vet costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If buyer fails to see their vet within 48 hours this contract is null and void and buyer accepts guinea pig As is. Seller is not responsible for any charges for vet exams, diagnoses or treatment the Buyer incurs.

All shipping, veterinarian charges and insurance costs are at the responsibility of the purchaser.  

We are not responsible for illness, injury, or death caused by or during the shipping transition. However, we have never lost any guinea pigs that were shipped via airlines. They take great care of the guinea pigs during the whole shipping process. We do prefer that you come in person to pick up guinea pig if it is at all possible.


After you have selected your guinea pig we will require that you put down a $50 deposit to be placed on each of your reserved guinea pigs which goes towards the purchase price of them.  After we have received your deposit we will hold your reserved guinea pig prior to shipping, delivery or pick up. 


Change of Mind

If you decide that you don't want the guinea pig that you have reserved you might be entitled to a refund depending on the circumstance.  The deposit is non refundable, but it can be applied toward another guinea pig in the future.  



We are no longer accepting PayPal payments. We accept cash, bank money orders, bank certified checks, Western Union, wire bank transfer or postal money orders.  Please E-mail us before making a deposit or payment to confirm that the guinea pig is still available.  Once your deposit and or payment have cleared we will hold your reserved  guinea pig for you until shipping, pickup or delivery.  Payment must clear prior to shipping, delivery or pickup.  Full payment must be received one week prior to shipping.

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