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0 Skinny Pig sows

2 Skinny Pig boars

2 Skinny carrier sows

2 Skinny carrier boars

2 Baldwin sows

3 Baldwin boars

4 Baldwin carrier sows

2 Baldwin carrier boars

Pictures of them are listed on my "Available Cavies" page

Expecting Cavies!!

We are expecting some litters of Skinny pigs and Baldwins as well as carriers of both breeds in January and February 2016!! Pictures of them will be up on my website when they are available.   

MHPC's News

November 2, 2014

We are making deliveries on November 29th from Los Angeles to Sacramento for a delivery fee of $60 which is less than half the cost to ship live animals via airplane. Dropoff locations can be arranged to Sacramento or anywhere on the way. Please contact asap if you are interested in my hairless guinea pigs.

August 24, 2011

Visit ZOOMARS petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano, CA and checkout their newest addition of Hairless Guinea Pigs provided by Margaret's Hairless Pigs Caviary. For more information visit their website at

March 23, 2011

My Hairless Skinny Pig MHPC’s Lavender was featured on an episode of CBS’s TV show “The Doctors". It was aired on April 20, 2011 titled "Your Health in the Headlines". See the video in our "Featured Cavies" page.

                                                       Featured Cavies

  As seen on Disney's TV show "dog with a blog"

 MHGPC's Tulip from Disney's TV show "dog with a blog"

 We were contacted by Good Dog Animals and our Hairless Baldwin MHPC’s Tulip was featured on an episode called Avery Starts Driving of Disney's TV show dog with a blog. It was aired on September 18, 2015. You can see Tulip at 11:45 minutes into the show. Tulip is now owned by my friend Beatrice Putowski in a wonderful loving home in New York. 


You can watch the episode of 'dog with a blog" with MHGPC's Tulip here or on Youtube:



 Here are some more pictures of Tulip:





         As seen on CBS’s TV show ”The Doctors"

 MHGPC's Lavender from CBS’s TV show  "The Doctors"

My Hairless Skinny Pig MHGPC’s Lavender was featured on an episode of CBS’s TV show “The Doctors.” It was aired on TV on April 20, 2011. The Title of the show is  "Your Health in the Headlines". She was presented by Veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess from Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics (  Dr. Hess discusses about the benefits of having hairless pets for allergy sufferers and talks about their care. She also talks about ways that exotic animals can benefit their owner’s health. 



We were contacted by the G-Force art department as they were in need of mascot cavies for the film and 3 of our guinea pigs were featured in 2009 Disney’s movie G-Force. Our 2 skinny pig carrier sows who are sisters looked just like the lead “Darwin” and they were used as the character of Darwin. 


They were filmed and held by the actors.  Our Baldwin boar was used for study and modeling for the art department. The Baldwin would be their “fitting model” which is a valuable reference for their artists to help them understand what happens under the hair. Their final character sculptures would be hairless so that the folds and shape of the skin create a realistic lay of the hair. This skinny should not be too lean, and not too rotund with average, pleasing proportion. They originally wanted a skinny pig but realized a Baldwin would be better suited for their needs. 


Although they were animated with computer graphics, they would be integrated as real actors in this film.  The artist studied their look and behavior.  They needed models to study the anatomical structure of a guinea pig.  The guinea pigs that they searched for had to match as closely to their current designs.  They sent us several pictures and drawings of what they needed which is where our guinea pigs came in. The face shape and hair style was most important for their needs.


We were very excited to have our 3 guinea pigs featured for this film.  They were living at "The Culver studios" for 3 months and were cared for by the art department. After that I brought them to the Disney's studio for the pet shop scene in the movie. 


Here is the description for the character "Darwin" that they were looking for:

Lead Boar (could be a Sow)-
AMERICAN SMOOTH COAT, RED with WHITE blaze/brow, chin, tummy and feet. 
Features: He is athletic (not chubby) and has a pink nose and paws. He has short hair with a hint of waviness, especially on his tummy. He has a perfect Roman nose. Here are a few references to his look:
 These pictures and design above were provided by the G-Force Art Department 
Our 2 skinny pig carrier sows matched the character "Darwin":

MHGPC's Wendy of G-Force

Skinny Carrier sow
MHGPC's Lisa of G-Force
Skinny Carrier sow 
Our Baldwin boar that was used for study and modeling:   
MHGPC's Baldrick of G-Force
Baldwin Boar 
Golden Agouti  

 Rodentia Magazine Info Coming Soon!!


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