Margaret's Hairless Guinea Pigs!

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Quotes I bought Margaret's skinny several years ago. In the 2008 MHPC's Rock with Me traveled all the way to Finland. Now Rock is 57 months old and very happy old skinny. And he isn't only MHPC's Rock with Me! His whole name is now; Fin Ch E-pet NordV-09 VV8-09 VV8-10 VVpet-09 VVpet-10 GGpet-08 GGpet-09 MHPC's Rock With Me! What a name! He's finnish champion, elite pet, double Grand Gala winner, double winner of the year pet, nordic championship winner and double 8. best cavy of the year He is also the most famous cavy in Finland and many magazines had done articles about him. But he's also my dearist cavy and an exellent pet. I'm very grateful that Margaret sent Rock to Finland. Quotes
Finnish Skinny Owner

Quotes Recently Zoomars Petting Zoo added a new new exhibit of Skinny Pigs. Margaret was contacted as she is a liscenced breeder whose reputation for clean healthy skinnys proceeds her. Margaret was extremely helpful with tips to setting up a colony of Skinnys and Baldwins and since has answered several questions about their day to day care and about the best nutrition for optimal health in a petting zoo type setting. To say the least our customers have just fallen in love with these adorable creatures whom are quickly becoming new favs here at the zoo. I recommend any one considering to purchase any Skinnys to contact Margaret for a most pleasant experience. Nina Leone Animal Care Manager Zoomars Petting Zoo Quotes
Nina Leone
Zoomars Animal Care Manager

Quotes I am so pleased with my purchase of several Baldwin guinea pigs from Margaret. Within a week of receiving them, all of them love to be cuddled and have their heads stroked. The people at my work had not seen hairless guinea pigs before and call them my little hippos. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I was thrilled when I got to the airport and picked up my new Cavies from Margaret. They arrived in wonderful condition. Margaret even sent food with them so I could mix it. The Cavies I got are so friendly and will take veggies from my hand. Thank you Margaret for entrusting them to me. I can't wait to see what they produce. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thanks again Margaret! Kat Quotes
Kat Phipps
Very Happy

Quotes Margaret is so friendly and knowledgable. She helped me pick the perfect Skinny Pig. I liked the baby so much, a week later I got another female friend for my female pig. I know I can always email or call her with questions! Quotes
Grateful pet owner

Quotes I have known Margaret for many years and have always been impressed with her high standards of care and the integrity of her breeding program. The Skinnies that I have gotten from her have always been healthy and free from genetic defects. My four boars are all still going strong and getting old! Thanks! Quotes
Cathy T
Pet Owner

Quotes I wanted to thank you for my two little boars. They are delightful and I am very happy with them. I especially wanted to thank you for being such a fine person of good character who keeps her promises. It's very rare to fine someone so honest and trustworthy. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I Just wanted to thank you for the New little boar I picked up. He is beautiful and way more than I had expected. I am very happy with him. Also I wanted to say I really like that all of your pigs were very big and fit the cacy standard very very well something I myself to find very important to improve the health of the pigs. I have seen alot of other breeders pigs and they are very small in comparison to MHPC. Thank you so much and I look forward to more beautiful healthy pigs. Nikki owner of 559 Skinny pigs Quotes
559 Skinny Pigs
Thank you

Quotes Great healthy hairless guinea pigs! Quotes

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