Margaret's Hairless Guinea Pigs!

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About Our Caviary

Available Cavies!!

0 Skinny Pig sows

2 Skinny Pig boars

2 Skinny carrier sows

2 Skinny carrier boars

2 Baldwin sows

3 Baldwin boars

4 Baldwin carrier sows

2 Baldwin carrier boars

Pictures of them are listed on my "Available Cavies" page

Expecting Cavies!!

We are expecting some litters of Skinny pigs and Baldwins as well as carriers of both breeds in January and February 2016!! Pictures of them will be up on my website when they are available.   

MHPC's News

November 2, 2014

We are making deliveries on November 29th from Los Angeles to Sacramento for a delivery fee of $60 which is less than half the cost to ship live animals via airplane. Dropoff locations can be arranged to Sacramento or anywhere on the way. Please contact asap if you are interested in my hairless guinea pigs.

August 24, 2011

Visit ZOOMARS petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano, CA and checkout their newest addition of Hairless Guinea Pigs provided by Margaret's Hairless Pigs Caviary. For more information visit their website at

March 23, 2011

My Hairless Skinny Pig MHPC’s Lavender was featured on an episode of CBS’s TV show “The Doctors". It was aired on April 20, 2011 titled "Your Health in the Headlines". See the video in our "Featured Cavies" page.

                                      About Our Caviary

Margaret's Hairless Guinea Pigs is a small hobby caviary located in North Hollywood, CA.  We fell in love with the skinny pigs when a friend bought one from Petco in 2000 when they used to sell them. He was one of our first best foundation boars, and he was very healthy. After that we had to get the Baldwins.

 Our caviary is dedicated to only breeding the Hairless Guinea Pigs known as Skinny Pigs and Baldwins.  All our cavies are raised properly with care and attention to each guinea pig.  Our cavies eat a variety of organic vegetables, fruits, pellets and hay. Health is the most important aspect in our breeding program and then we breed for the type we like in them. We like to breed big healthy hairless cavies with a stocky body. We breed them in a variety of colors.  We have been working diligently for many years on our line by out crossing with the best purebred Americans and getting carriers to breed back with our hairless cavies in order to improve their lines. We are very selective in our breeding program and only breed the healthiest hairless guinea pigs as well as Americans to our lines. Our cavies came from several of the best reputable cavy breeders. We have shipped our cavies in the USA, Canada, Hawaii and especially Europe. We have imported some of our Hairless Guinea Pigs to Europe. Our cavies have produced champions in Europe and have been shown at cavy shows in Europe.   

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